“Nasty Woman” by Chel

Indie singer/songwriter Chel comes to us with the powerful and passionate must listen sonic gem that is “Nasty Woman”. With this amazing and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, she reminds the world that every woman is capable of so much and nobody should stand in their way. She gives men (not all, just a special group of neanderthals) a little reminder as well that while they want to hold them back, they forget that they are not hurting strangers but their sisters, their mothers, their daughters, and so many familiar faces that they seem to forget. The world is ready for every woman to speak up, tell their story, and create something new and so much better. We can all work together and push forward because it’s ignorant to believe that men know everything and we are the only ones capable of finding the answers (it has not worked out so well recently so maybe we can start listening and learning). Listen, see, and enjoy the visual and sonic adventure that this mesmerizing track offers us all.

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