“House Party” by Neon Dreams

Canadian indie pop-rock band Neon Dreams does it again and delivers a must listen gem with their latest creation, “House Party”. With this exquisite and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys reminisce about the past and their youth as they think about when they were teenagers and where they are at right now. The track while refreshingly personal manages to find the perfect way to connect and to allow us to feel it as ours as it comes together and comes alive from the very first second after you press play. The visuals go hand in hand with the soundscape giving the experience a special touch that allows the story to find a perfect home within our senses and imagination. The down to earth touch provided by the emotion-filled vocals and the well-written and raw lyricism make this one an instant fan favorite. So listen, see and dive into this world that they crafted with such care and such honesty. Enjoy!

“The song’s about wanting to feel accepted and yearning to be like the carefree people at the party. The person smiling over there—I never smile, I lost my smile—and I want to get back to that place. When I was a teenager I realized I needed to learn how to get myself to the place I wanted to be, because I felt way too insecure for what I wanted to become.” – Neon Dreams

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