“Spell” by Kandle

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Kandle comes to us once with a sweet blend of classic and modern sounds with “Spell”. With this refreshing and hauntingly intoxicating soundscape, she pulls us into a unique realm that feels so vintage yet so contemporary allowing all listeners to find an instant connection no matter the age or the background. The melodies and lyrics become one instantly and give life to a brand new world that feels so magical and so beautiful that you can’t help but want to explore this realm over and over again. The soundscape is without a doubt one that feeds your senses and gives your imagination a welcomed dose of musical ambrosia that is so outer-worldly and unique. Listen, see and embrace the sweet escape offered by this amazing must listen gem. Enjoy!

“You don’t approve, I’m a mess

You pick my shoes, my face, my dress Paid the price and I was sold

You left me hanging at the crossroads

So sick of you, so sick of me

Dressing up as the star of your fantasy”

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