“Take Control” by James Deacon

South African indie rock singer/songwriter James Deacon comes to us once more with the electric and hypnotizing sonic gem that is “Take Control”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, he transports to a world where we can be wild and free as the verses tell a story that is sure to pull you in. There’s something about the soundscape that is quite intoxicating and refreshing to hear as he gives his rock sounds a unique touch that makes it stand out instantly. Not only is the sonic portion on point, but the visuals perfectly connect with it and add to the experience making it a must for any music lover around the world. So listen, see and embrace the adventure that awaits within this track. Enjoy!

“‘Take Control’ is a fun track all about meeting a girl at a house party and the song is basically just me hitting on her for 3 minutes. I started off only singing in the verses, but after listening to the track a lot I decided I wanted to try and rap over the verse and it flowed really nicely. The main guitar line that features throughout the track was written years ago but never used until one day in the studio when I heard Paul’s beat which seemed to fit with it perfectly and ‘Take Control’ was born” – James Deacon

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