“Maria” by Sean McVerry

Indie singer/songwriter Sean McVerry comes to us with the soothing and charming romantic sonic gem that is “Maria”. With this perfectly crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, the uber-talented artist gives life to a story bound to connect instantly as it takes shape and form. The soundscape is so beautiful and hypnotizing that you can’t help but be in awe as it caresses your heart and soul while feeding your imagination with a vivid and lush experience. Not only that but thankfully the visuals go hand in hand with the soundscape making sure the experience is complete and our senses are fed with the most welcomed musical ambrosia. So listen carefully and dance to the soothing sounds of this amazing must listen soundscape. Enjoy!

“‘Maria,’ much like the rest of Death of the Golden Boy, is a pocket symphony for anxious romantics – a very small love song, told through the lens and theatrics of a 1960’s crooner.” – Sean McVerry

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