“Modern Man” by Mountain Bird

Swedish indie-pop singer/songwriter Mountain Bird comes to Wolf in a Suit with the electric and powerful sonic gem that is “Modern Man”. With this refreshing and exhilarating blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a track that invites us to explore the reality of the modern world in a way that does not criticize but definitely asks a lot of questions. He invites us to take a step away from politics and to truly analyze where we are at right now and where could we be heading if we don’t adapt and do better. The catchy and energy-filled arrangement makes for the perfect home for his voice and his verses to come alive and grab a hold of our senses in an instant. So listen, see and dive right into the magic and unknown nature of this must listen/must see gem. Enjoy!

“It’s not a hate song to capitalism or growth, it’s more of an acknowledgment that we need to stay informed and humble in order to prevent the greediness of human beings taking over. People with power need to share. People with anger need to listen. If we can get this conversation to flow on a regular basis, we can all see money and material privilege as something that we have created for ourselves…a piece of paper shouldn’t decide if you get help when you’re sick or not.” – Mountain Bird

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