“Don’t go hating me now” by Neon Dreams

Uber-talented Canadian indie pop band Neon Dreams come to us with a passionate and honest blend of melodies and lyrics in “Don’t go hating me now”. With this track, the guys explore the sad reality that at times we need to be the villain in the story to make sure those we love keep moving forward. The track does not sugarcoat the fact that at times some tough love is needed and resentment could pop out of this and we must be ready. They understand that’s it’s not about being the good one when they talk about you but about being the strong one who pushed to make sure they achieved happiness and success. Love comes with ups and downs and sometimes for their future happiness, some present sadness on your end will be needed. So listen, embrace the sweet magic of the must-listen gem and enjoy the ride!

“I was on my third article in one day reading about an extremely talented person passing away due to an addiction. It made me feel horrible that these things keep happening because I’ve witnessed so many people growing up go down that road. It’s in all us to help a friend in need, but what happens when you try, they resent you and you become the bad guy? It’s the hardest moment ever especially if you love them.” – Frank Kadillac of Neon Dreams

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