“Sabotage” by Kelsey Coockson

From the Netherlands comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Kelsey Coockson with the refreshingly honest must listen gem that is “Sabotage”. With this track she explores a very real subject that most of us go through at point in time or maybe quite a few in which we look for things to be wrong without even giving happiness a shot. We can do this in relationships, opportunities and to ourselves in ways that when you press pause and really think about it, you’ll end up simply asking: “why?”. The reality of the matter is that we don’t know, sometimes there’s something unknown inside that makes us feel underserving of even a smile and pushes us to try to prevent anything from popping up and sometimes we might just get really nervous and end up doing or/and saying things we shouldn’t. Really noticing this and working on fixing is extremely difficult but worth the effort because it might lead to a happiness so beautiful and magical that it might just make your life a little brighter. Enjoy!

“I was used to sabotaging myself and rejecting someone before it even started. In my current relationship, I decided not to get in the way anymore. That worked: we’ve been together for six years now. This song is an ode to that.” – Kelsey Coockson

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