“Unconditional” by Aaron Smith

UK based indie singer/songwriter Aaron Smith comes to us with the most beautiful and honest blend of melodies and lyrics in the sonic gem that is “Unconditional”. With this track he opens up his heart and soul and by doing so invites us to do the same and truly connect with what dwells within the sweet and warm magic of this soundscape. The track is a gentle reminder that love can be so powerful that no matter the distance or the situation it can remain strong and stay there making your heart beat and your smile come alive. The track is without a doubt a must not only based on the amazing verses and sounds that make it up but also based on the fact that it makes you feel at home once it comes alive. The experience is both sonically and visually mesmerizing and it definitely is a memorable moment that is bound to remain alive within your memories. Enjoy!

Fun Fact: The track features guest vocals from Holly Humberstone

“When I wrote Unconditional it was a time where I was away from my loved ones constantly and it was quite hard. It was kind of my letter to them saying that I’m okay and that we are still close. I’ve always been very close with family so not seeing them was quite tough.” – Aaron Smith

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