“All about now” by Two Weeks in Nashville

UK based indie rockers Two Weeks in Nashville come to us with the electrifying and refreshingly inspiring musical gem that is “All about now”. With this exquisitely crafted soundscape, the guys give us a much-needed reminder that while the past and the future matter, sometimes we need to focus on the now and enjoy at best possible with those that matter most to us. It’s a passionate push for humanity to go beyond the excuses and the reasons why not to do something and simply realize that life just requires us to push forward and make the present the most magical moment possible. Life is not a script and nothing is set in stone but at least you can live each moment wholeheartedly and really be part of it. Enjoy!

“‘All About Now’ is about when people come together and live in the moment. This was the first song and starting point for the album. It was only after recording it on our first trip to Nashville that we thought we had found a sound and direction. Nashville is such a happening place; it’s a music city and is very positive and the people are very loving. We wanted to write something that channels and spreads that message and the feeling we had! It’s all about us; it’s all about love, it’s all about now.” – Billy LeRiff of Two Weeks in Nashville 

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