“Family Values” by R3HAB ft. Nina Nesbitt

Netherlands based producer R3HAB joins forces with UK based singer/songwriter Nina Nesbitt to give to the sweet magic of “Family Values”. With this passionate and intoxicating soundscape, they embrace the human experience with such a unique and mesmerizing touch bound to instantly pull us all into the dancefloor as the story hidden within it comes alive. The track is a must for any music lover as it offers hypnotizing and electric sonic touches that perfectly house one of the most amazing voices out there in the music scene. There’s no denying, this track makes for a special treat that serves our senses a most delicious musical ambrosia. So dive into the unknown of this soundscape and let it take a hold of you and paint you a picture that is sure to feel so out of this world and so personal. Enjoy! 

I got to know Nina‘s voice when I remixed her ‘Somebody Special‘, and I’m happy we got to create ‘Family Values‘ together. Nina‘s writing style is clever and surprising, which makes working on songs exciting and fun. She’s got the best sense of humor and a fun outlook on the world, and I think our song captures that perfectly.” – R3HAB

I’m so excited to collaborate with R3HAB for the second time after previously hearing him remix my song ‘Somebody Special.’ I wrote ‘Family Values‘ on a day off last festival season while sitting on a trampoline with a guitar, and it’s amazing to see where R3HAB has taken it and how it’s transformed since then.” – Nina Nesbitt

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