“Headspin” by Hi Frisco ft. Charlotte Spiral

UK based indie rock band Hi Frisco joins forces with the uber-talented Charlotte Spiral to deliver the outer-worldly sonic gem that is “Headspin”. With this perfectly crafted track, they not only blend lyrics and melodies beautifully but really allow the voices to create a bond that lets the story take shape and form. The soundscape comes alive from the very first second and instantly grabs a hold of your senses and pulls you into a world where your imagination can run wild and you can be free. The soundscape is without a doubt one of the most amazing and magical realms crafted through talent, passion, and the sweet touch of the unknown. Enjoy!

“Lyrically it’s a love song that was always written to be a duet offering the view of a defiant relationship, struggling against the anxiety and stress of modern life from both perspectives. We spent a while trying to find the right person to match up with the imagined voice in our heads, luckily our friend Alice introduced us to Charlotte Spiral and she more than delivered.” – Hi Frisco

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