“Facil” by Kat Dahlia

Indie pop singer/songwriter Kat Dahlia comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the empowering and inspiring musical creation that is “Facil” (Easy in Spanish). With this exquisite and playful blend of melodies and lyrics, she rebels from the so-called norm and lets someone now gone that in reality they were not all that and she can move on just like that. She gives us a unique take that is rarely heard but definitely should be shared more where there’s no pain after a breakup but a sense of peace and regaining your voice and your time to be the best you possible. It’s an invitation to do the same and now let those experiences bring you down because the reality is, that nobody should matter more in your life than you. The soundscape is so fun and the visuals perfectly complement the sonic portion of the experience making for something truly one of a kind so utterly memorable. Enjoy!

“It’s a really fun and colorful video. It plays up the character of this girl who’s just killin’ it after her breakup. It’s like the glow-up after the breakup.” – Kat Dahlia

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