“How have you been?” by YVR

Indie pop duo YVR comes to us once more and this time they do so with the bittersweet and honest musical gem that is “How have you been?”. With this enticing and refreshing must listen blend of melodies and lyrics they tell a story of regret and heartache as you reminisce about one that is no longer part of your life. You think of what was and what lead to things ending and you ask yourself if it was right for the both of you to walk away from the love once shared. It’s a track that will surely hit a spot for most listeners in an instant as it paints a picture that could easily be ours. So listen, see and dive into the realm they have crafted for it not only holds a story sure to caress your heart and soul but a musical creation bound to be a hit. Enjoy!

“Breaking someone’s heart can sometimes hurt worse than being heartbroken.” – YVR

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