“WONDER” by morgxn

Indie singer/songwriter morgxn comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the powerful and hypnotizing must listen gem that is “Wonder”. With this beautiful and truly honest and down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics, he asks so many questions as the unknown of life starts to show itself and you start wondering what awaits you. As the track takes shape and form and the story unfolds so perfectly into the airwaves that surround us, we notice within the first second that the song hits home for us as well. There’s no denying that the verses speak of many things that affect us all, but the way he does it makes us feel at ease and secure for we are understood and this realm he has crafted is one where we can be true to ourselves in every way. So dive into the magic of his sounds and let it caress your senses as it awakens your imagination as now you know you are alone in this adventure called life. Enjoy!

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