“Somebody I’m proud of” by Sarah Barrios

Up and coming uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Sarah Barrios comes to us once more with the gem that is “Somebody I’m proud of”. With a perfectly balanced mix of honest lyrics and catchy melodies, she gives her voice the proper push to pull us all in and connect with us instantly. The track understands the ups and downs of life and of growing up for sometimes we lose sight of what matters and feel like strangers within our own skin. She wants what we all want and that is to feel at peace with who we are and be able to look at the mirror and smile knowing that you are the best version of you possible even if there are things to be fixed (there will always be things to work on so don’t stress out about this). So close your eyes and embrace the warm touch of her sounds as you have found a much-needed place to feel let your senses reconnect and find peace. Enjoy!

“I think everyone at some point in their lives questions who they are and how they’ve changed since their youth, but I’m finding that no one is always the hero or always the villain in their story, sometimes we’re both and that’s okay.” – Sarah Barrios

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