“Coast” by Augustine

Swedish indie singer Augustine opens up his heart and soul to deliver a live rendition of his musical gem, “Coast”. With this intoxicating and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics he brings downs his walls and pulls us into a world that is so fragile and so human. The soundscape comes together and caresses our souls with a soft melancholic touch that is quite unique and endearing. He serves up something special that is sure to find a home within our hearts and souls and really push us to grow and understand ourselves and the world better. Enjoy!

“Coast is a song about loneliness and a longing to understand this world a little better. I was confused and jealous of everything I laid my eyes on when I wrote it. And I often get struck by this feeling about wanting to escape from myself and from my body when I’m feeling down. I guess it comes down to the desire to have someone by your side who understands you and all your weird thoughts” – Augustine

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