“Fireworks” by Axel Flovent

From Iceland comes the uber-talented singer/songwriter Axel Flovent with nothing but his voice and his guitar to give life to “Fireworks”. With this honest and well-crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a tale that feels so personal and universal as it embraces a stage within the human existence. The track is so meaningful and bittersweet yet intoxicating that there’s no helping yourself as you close your eyes and your imagination transports you to a world that only exists between his verses and the sounds of his guitar. The soundscape understands how fragile the human heart can be and from that realization brings out a story that is sure to touch the innermost corners of your heart and soul. So listen closely and open your eyes as he is giving us something so mesmerizing, so raw that it’s so near impossible to repeat. Enjoy!

Because it’s about an obvious end to something meaningful, I think there couldn’t have been a better timing for it in the end. I feel like it binds the record together nicely as the beginning and the end of writing and creating it.” – Axel Flovent

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