“Deep Sea state of mind” by lùisa

German indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess lùisa comes to us with the mesmerizing and surreal sonic gem that is “Deep Sea state of mind”. With this one of a kind musical creation she embraces her own vulnerability and aims to understand not others but who she truly is and by doing so, invites us to embark on our own quests to find this. The track is quite beautiful not in the typical way but in a way that feels so personal and so down to earth that we can truly see the wall crumbling as she gives us a sneak peek beyond the artist, into the person. The visuals manage to perfectly grasp what she is trying to showcase and fortunately complements the experience as our senses embrace the magic of this soundscape. So listen, see and enjoy the ride that awaits within this blend of melodies and lyrics.

“Every day we are flooded with images and expectations. We are told to optimize and deliver constant output. Sometimes everything feels too much, too bright, too loud, we lose the connection to what is really important. Then our mind searches for deeper answers, and we need the space in which we see our own vulnerability and sadness not as weakness but as our human depth.” – lùisa

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