“Something” by thisisNAMASTE

The UK based indie-pop singer/songwriter thisisNAMASTE comes to Wolf in a Suit with her latest single, “Something”. With this playful and honest soundscape, she paints a picture that is so youthful, so contemporary and so refreshingly human as it comes alive and grabs a hold of you. The melodies and lyrics perfectly connect with each other allowing the track to come alive and feed our imagination a tale that while hers, also feels so ours. Our senses easily embrace the sweet and inviting touch of her voice in a way that is quite endearing and surprising in its own way. There’s a lesson waiting to be heard and to be learned within this musical creation that will land softly yet remain within your memories forever. Enjoy!

“This song is about those relationships where someone has come into our life as the perfect distraction from our other problems, however deep down we knew they weren’t right for us. I like to think that every relationship we have- romantic or otherwise- serves a purpose and lesson in our life, even the ones that don’t work out or end the way we wanted them to.” – thisisNAMASTE

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