“I think you know” by Dekker

From the UK comes the indie folk-pop act Dekker with their latest must listen gem, say hello to “I think you know”. With this enticing and uniquely intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics, they speak from the heart and manage to hit a place hidden deep within all who listen in a way that is simply so refreshing. There’s something about the soundscape that embraces the old school nature of the folk genre while adding the right touches of contemporary vibes that the pop genre can offer making for the creation of a one of a kind realm bound to pull you in. The track is a must for any music lover as it offers the perfect balance between ingredients served within it as it all becomes one and turns in a most amazing musical ambrosia bound to fulfill all the necessities that your senses might have in an instant. So dive into this realm that they have given life to and explore the sweet unknown of this soundscape. Enjoy!

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