“Staying In” by The Midnight Club

Indie rockers The Midnight Club give us a groovy and intoxicating soundscape with the sonic gem that is “Staying In”. With this refreshing and enticing blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys play with the current reality in which find ourselves in various parts of the world as being at home is the best course of action. They understand the ups and downs that this new reality might bring but they showcase it in a way that is so hypnotizing and ready to play with our senses. The visuals while simple manage to really hit home as it showcases the lead singer and the rest of the band trapped within 4 walls as some seem to feel in regards to the current reality. If you pay careful attention to what the verses are creating, you are sure to understand that the story is meant to empower you and motivate you to embrace this and understand why. Enjoy!

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