“Victoria” by Victoria Canal

Indie singer/songwriter Victoria Canal comes to us with the hones and insightful musical gem that is “Victoria”. With this refreshing and uniquely crafted track, she gives pop a much-needed facelift and sweet dose of personality and humanity as she blends melodies and lyrics bound to be personal and universal at the same time. The track feels like a reminder of your power, fire, and capacity as she sings to herself in a way that is quite mesmerizing to hear giving your senses the most intoxicating soundscape possible. The track is an instant hit with whoever has the pleasure to listen for it serves vivid and down to earth verses that will surely hit home for more than one. She gives us a chance to escape from reality but not to fantasy, but instead to a place that will light our fire just a little stronger. So listen, see and enjoy the hypnotizing magic of this unique new world that she has given life to.

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