“What happened to you?” by OLI

UK based indie singer/songwriter OLI comes to us with the intoxicating and insightful musical gem that is “What happened to you?”. She gives life to a powerful and honest track that is sure to hit home with most if not all as she gives life to a tale that sadly ends up feeling so universal. The melodies and lyrics blend together so beautifully and with an intense and bittersweet touch pull us into a place bound to feel so raw. The soundscape is amazing and is sure to make for a vivid escape from our current reality as we take a stroll down memory lane and remember the relationships that are no longer there. Enjoy!

“I really wanted to do a song about a friend and not a partner. I just feel like betrayal can be so much deeper with a friend and really shatter you. Sadly, I think a lot of people have been through this and you really do find yourself asking what happened to you?? Maybe you won’t cry yourself to sleep every night but It’s a different kind of sadness.” – OLI

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