“Love you now” by Bo Baskoro

U.S. based Indie singer/songwriter Bo Baskoro gives life to a tale that is sure to feel so palpable and real in “Love you now”. With this exquisite and bittersweet blend of melodies and lyric, he remembers that special person, that person that had everything to be the one but sadly is no longer part of your life. With this enticing and vivid union of visuals and sounds, the experience served up by this amazing soundscape hooks us in an instant and makes us feel understood and part of it. The soundscape is a perfect dose of contemporary pop that finds a way to stand out within the crowded genre with a sweet serving of musical ambrosia that sure to hit a place deep within all who listen. Enjoy!

“’Love You Now’ is about the one who got away and about those nights that you canʼt fall asleep because youʼre kept awake by the thoughts of how you wouldʼve done things differently and finally being honest with yourself and your responsibility in the end, Knowing that if you had the chance to reconcile you would do it all right this time.” – Bo Baskoro

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