“With Myself” by Winona Oak

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Winona Oak comes to us with an empowering and inspiring musical gem in “With Myself”. With this refreshing and enticing soundscape she takes back her voice and her power and lets the world know that she needs no one to feel complete and to enjoy life. She not only gives her voice it’s freedom back but she embraces her sexual desires, her aspirations, her wants and dislikes and makes sure that they are heard. She does not need any man or anyone and that is amazing and so inspiring to hear. The visuals perfectly complement the vibe served up by the melodies and lyrics giving life to an experience any music lover needs to have. Men and women will find a lesson waiting for them within her track and something good is sure to stay within them once the melodies end. So listen, see and embrace the power of her voice to push on and push forward to be true to yourself and understand that we are not here to judge but be amazed by each other. Enjoy!

“There’s so many double standards in today’s society. Women are constantly shamed for showcasing our healthy desire to be sexual. And we are seen as “bossy” and less likable for being successful compared to our male colleagues. When me, Sly and Max Wolfgang wrote ”With Myself” we wanted to take all these things and play around with the concept of a “bossy” bad ass woman counting her money, buying her own gifts, enjoying the space in her bed and making love to no one but herself. 

I want you to feel empowered. I want women of all ages, all around the world to feel comfortable in their own beautiful bodies, and to stop putting somebody else’s needs and opinions in front of their own. YOU are in charge of YOUR body and YOUR sexuality – and that’s a beautiful thing so I want you to own it. It’s about time that we make more love with ourselves. 

This is a really special one to me so I hope that it will find its way into people’s hearts. Take care and stay safe. Hope to see you all soon.” – Winona Oak

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