“Revelry” by Ben Hazlewood

From New Zealand comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Ben Hazlewood and the rebellious musical gem that is “Revelry”. With this fantastic and honest soundscape, he allows the track to flow with ease as he connects the dots allowing our senses to connect with you. The melodies and lyrics come together to feed our senses and imagination and gives a story to feel as ours as possible. There’s no denying that Ben is bound to become a household name as his tracks come alive and reflect on the reality of life. Enjoy!

Revelry is defined as “lively and noisy festivities that especially involve drinking a large amount of alcohol.” My life seemed to be one ongoing Revelry. Numbing the pain that I didn’t want to face. This song is about how much of a hold these moments had over me. A fraught retelling of the many failed attempts to escape these actions which I knew, inherently was self-destructive.– Ben Hazlewood 

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