“Besame (I need you) by R3HAB, TINI & Reik

Dutch R3HAB, Argentinian TINI and Mexican pop band Reik join forces to deliver the latest must listen gem for the Summer with “Besame (I need you)”. R3HAB laids down the perfect blend of melodies to set the groundwork ready for TINI’s and Reik’s vocals making the track an exquisite blend of Spanish and English lyricism. The track comes as a nice surprise for it balances the flow between languages with such ease and detail that it’s hard not to connect wit it no matter the language you speak. The soundscape is fun and seductive taking advantage of that Latin American flavor and intoxicating charm that is always present in their music scene making for a must have experience. If you are a music lover looking for some fun melodies, this track has got that escape that your body and senses craved. Enjoy!

Right after we started working on the song, it was clear what the sound of the track will be like. Tini & Reik brought the perfect energy, which you can hear throughout the entire song. “Besame (I Need You)” is being released right in time to provide these necessary summer vibes to our fans.” – R3HAB

I am so excited to work with Reik and Rehab. I find it very interesting to explore new musical styles, and Bésame definitely has a special sound, distinctive from other songs. I feel very honored to collaborate with these two great artists.” – TINI

We love the song. It’s super energetic, it makes one dance and have fun all the time. It’s one of those songs that you really just wanna jump to. Looking back, we remember meeting TINI at a concert in Argentina when she was 15, or so. It’s crazy now having the song together with her. About R3HAB, we just recently met him, and we love what he does. He already remixed our earlier single “Si Me Dices Que Si,” and it blew our mind, as he took the song to another dimension. Collaborating with R3HAB again is awesome” – Reik

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