“Wildflowers” by Lissy Taylor

From the UK comes the uber-talented and mesmerizing indie singer/songwriter Lissy Taylor with her must listen gem, “Wildflowers”. With this exquisite and inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics, we are invited to celebrate life and celebrate all that makes so unique and so wonderful. She invites us to embrace the good and the bad and to understands that life needs it all to flourish and push us to grow. It’s a one of a kind ride through a soundscape bound to deliver an experience that is honest and so human. There’s something about the track that just speaks to you and makes you feel understood while giving you the chance to learn something new and mature as a person. The visuals complement the experience giving it that necessary extra to fully shine. Enjoy!

“It is freedom that you can only give to yourself. It is a celebration of life coming into bloom and forgetting what weighs you down. It is growing to become something far more than what is expected of you. It is allowing yourself to flourish. Are you ready?” – Lissy Taylor

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