“…Late at night when I’m uneasy

Waiting to hear your sound

All you want is my attention even when you never come around…”

“Uneasy” by Channel 13

Indie electro-pop duo Channel 13 comes to us with the mesmerizing and honest soundscape of the musical gem that is “Uneasy”. With catchy and playful hooks the give life to the perfect home for lyrics that are sure to connect with the listeners in an instant. The track flows playfully through the airwaves and embraces the sweet dose of reality that comes from the visuals making this a complete and welcoming experience. Your senses get that much-needed dose of melodies and lyrics that remind us of the normalcy of falling for someone and getting those jitters for everything is still so unknown yet so hypnotizing. You don’t know if things will go right or wrong, you just have to dive into it with open arms. So dive into it with me and let us explore this magical musical real. Enjoy!

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