“My Everyday” by Volunteer

Nashville based indie singer/songwriter Volunteer comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the romantic and magical gem that is “My Everyday”. With this beautiful and charming blend of melodies and lyrics he speaks of someone who has become so special and so unique for him that his heart has decided to make that person his everything. It’s a modern day fairy tale that invites us in as it lends itself to be shared for it speaks from his heart but has a certain universal feel about love that allows me and you to share with that person that’s just that extra special. As the verses come together, the visuals give us a nice sneak peek into his preparation and how he connects not only with his team but with those who have the pleasure of seeing him in a live setting. The track is on point and personally adds to that unknown aura that few artists with that special touch seem to have and Volunteer is clearly a member of that group whether he knows it or not. So listen, smile and rejoice in the sweet ambrosia that comes from this soundscape straight to your senses. Enjoy!

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