“…’Cause I was too in love with your flaws
Saw the signs, missed them all
Baby I was under your spell
Oh you shot us down, started war, killed us off, wanted more
Said I’d never need you again
I said I’d never need you again…”

“Lying that you love me” by JC Stewart

From Northern Ireland comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter JC Stewart with the bittersweet and haunting musical gem that is “Lying that you love me”. With this exquisite and very honest blend of melodies and lyrics he speaks of a relationship that sadly is no more. He knows that the feelings that once were are no longer there but still letting go is quite difficult and hard to cope with. The track showcases something that is so true and so real to most when things go sideways and relationships take a sad turn that you know will break things off. It’s a fantastic soundscape that is full of feelings and emotions we can grasp and instantly connect with. The visuals complement the sonic experience perfectly giving our imagination a push to embrace the bittersweet yet intoxicating reality of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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