“…Between me and me

I’m all that I need

I be on that Royal

Cuz I look like a queen

Fit for a queen…”

“Jealous of Myself” by GALXARA

Indie singer/songwriter and up and coming powerhouse GALXARA comes to Wolf in a Suit for the firs time with the electric gem that is “Jealous of myself”. With in your face rebellious melodies and sounds she comes ready to roar and make sure the world listens. She has something to say and I am ready for it and I invite you to do the same because she is pure fire and that is so hypnotizing that you can’t help but be in awe. The soundscape perfectly connects the visual and the sonic side giving us the chance to explore a realm that while intoxicating also feels so powerful. She is the latest musical goddess to roam the lands of the Wolf in a Suit and honestly she can rule the lands with this amazing sound. So listen, see and enjoy the adventure because it is one for the books!


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