“Calling” by Hundreds

German based indie pop act Hundreds comes to us with the mesmerizing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics that is “Calling”. With this exquisite and quite inspiring soundscape they speak up and remind us that our voices are powerful and that there’s a fire inside all of us. They invite us to step away from the nonsense and the toxic nature of some people who are truly no good for you or anyone else. They want us to find our own strength as we step away from those who we believed gave us power but in reality kept us under control. It’s not only a sonic gem, but the visuals make it a stand out creation that mesmerizes and pulls you in making for a sweet cinematic gem. The track gives your senses a much needed dose of great music and real feelings and emotions. So listen, see and enjoy the ride!

“Raise your voice, discover your own strength, leave people behind you who are slowly poisoning you and ‘raise your banner’!” – Eva Milner of Hundreds

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