“…’Cause it’s all I’ve known
And since it’s been gone
I crave it more now
I went too far, yes I know
And maybe I did let you go
How can’t you see I felt all alone?…”

“In a Heartbeat” by Ryan McMullan

UK based indie singer/songwriter Ryan McMullan comes to us with an honest and very real soundscape of “In a Heartbeat”. With this refreshing and fragile blend of melodies and lyrics he embraces the reality that it times comes to us in regards of relationships. Sometimes things change and there’s nothing we can do, it could be from one second to the next and while it may end, it does not mean we can instantly forget. It’s a desperate yet extremely honest showcase of feelings and emotions that at times roam through our hearts and souls showcasing a very true face of people. He understands that is not all bout the fantasies and the fairy tales, but also about the sad and bittersweet experiences that give life a little bit more color. He knows we can be at fault and does not want to blame but rather learn and little by little grow at least a bit. Enjoy!

“‘In A Heartbeat’ was written to sum up a stage I think we all kind of go through sooner or later: the understanding that something which once was, is now no more. But even at the end, knowing it still has a hold on you, so much so, that no matter how toxic it is, or how little sense it made, you’d still run back to it in a desperate attempt to salvage it.” – Ryan McMullan

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