“…There is a hope in Me
And together we have the key
I’ll hold you up and you hold me
And through the darkness, we all will see
Cause when it’s burning in your bones and the reason is all you know…”

“Long Road” by John Tsenoli

From South Africa comes a truly exciting and inspiring soundscape that is “Long Road” thanks to the talent and voice of John Tsenoli. With this refreshing track he blends melodies and lyrics and speaks of a truth that is rarely mentioned and that is the value of hard work and pursuing your dreams going through all the good and the bad. He understands that while comfort would be nice, it could also stop you from reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself. The track is beautiful and uniquely poetic while still staying true to the raw humanity that roams around it. He gives his voice a fine dose of feelings and emotions that actually understand how the heart and soul of people work allowing us all to embrace his soundscape and connect with it instantly. So listen carefully, dive into the visual masterpiece that goes along with the sonic experience and enjoy the adventure that is taking shape and form in front of you.

“I want people to draw inspiration from the song. In my mind, I feel we don’t have enough voices out there that are projecting the truth, that are rooting for people to be honest. To go for their dreams and to do everything that’s outside of society’s norm.

I hope that with this song, it inspires you to do exactly that; because I assure you, the minute you go out of your comfort zone, the minute you go out of what you’re comfortable being in, you’re going to find GOLD and then you can begin to live the best days of your life.” – John Tsenoli

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