Now that you’ve let me in
You know I’m coming back again
So, slip into a dress that kills
Stop the bad boys with your bad, bad thrills
You’re a physical, chemical spark in the night
Like a jet-black wild cat ready to bite…”

“Iconic” by LVVRS

From the U.S. comes one of the most exciting indie pop/rock bands out there, say hello to the uber-talented guys from LVVRS and their must listen gem, “Iconic”. With this electric and in your face blend of melodies and lyrics they come to us ready to serve the world an exciting and well crafted soundscape. The track blends pop and rock in a way that just gets you hooked and gives your senses a much needed shock of passion, energy and inspiration to pursue something greater than what you are now. The guys have perfectly blended the sonic and visual experience to give us something that is so mesmerizing and necessary for any music lover. So dive into their world and become an instant fan of a band bound for greatness. Enjoy!

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