This song was extremely personal for me to write because it happened during a very dark time for me. It was my truth that I wanted to get out, after going through an extremely rough breakup. I guess you could call it therapeutic closure. I decided to call it “Sorry I’m Not Perfect” because the last thing he said to me was: it’s not his fault he found a girl who was perfect. Referencing the girl he cheated on me with, thus the song was born.”

“Sorry I’m not perfect” by Courtney Paige Nelson

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Courtney Paige Nelson comes to Wolf in a Suit with the powerful and vivid gem that is “Sorry I’m not perfect”. She draws inspiration from a bittersweet experience and from it paints a picture that is so raw and so real. The soundscape takes shape and form and immediately connects with our senses as it gives our imagination a much needed dose of surreal yet down to earth verses. The track is mesmerizing and deliciously intoxicating for she takes that pain and creates a story that many can connect with as she reminds the world that no one is perfect and everyone deserves to be treated right, even when it is to say goodbye. The visuals are stunning and perfectly complement the musical experience she has created. So listen, see and enjoy the ride!

“For this video, I wanted to visually show how this whole process went for me. The song itself is about my piece. My side of the story in the breakup. So with the video I wanted to let people into my head, taking the viewer and putting them smack dab in the middle of what my reality was like.” – Courtney Paige Nelson

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