“Outrageous” by ZØYA

Indie singer/songwriter ZØYA comes to Wolf in a Suit with an amazing and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics in “Outrageous”. With this track she opens up her heart and soul and speaks up in regards of past relationship conflict that marked her and became part of her story. The soundscape is beautifully poetic while showcasing a firm connection with the raw reality of life and how at times what seems right first might not be the same forever. She understands that the truth must be part of who you are and what you portray to the world as it serves to give you strength and make sure your voice heard as boundaries are set. The track comes to us with an intoxicating barrage of feelings and emotions that are perfectly complemented by the mesmerizing visuals. So listen carefully and embrace the empowering lyricism that makes this soundscape a must for any music lover. Enjoy!

“When it comes to a relationship conflict, it’s important to say what you feel and try to work it through. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth and stand up for yourself if someone is belittling you. Set the boundaries and limit contact with that person who is constantly mistreating you. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with you. We reap what we sow. Don’t wait for an apology. Forgive and let go of that outrageous human being that keeps emotionally hurting you.” – ZØYA

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