“I’ll help you out, I don’t care who you are”

“Who” by My Ugly Clementine

From Austria come the uber-talented indie band My Ugly Clementine with their inspiring and charming musical creation “Who”. These enigmatic individuals join forces to give life to a soundscape bound for greatness as it holds all the necessary ingredients to not only stand out but become a fan favorite. The track flows smoothly through the airwaves and paints a picture that is reassuring and inviting as it all comes together to remind us to come together in times of need, stress and whenever we feel lost. They know that the world is experiencing ups and downs and that sadly we are leaning more towards the downside of things but there’s always a ray of hope waiting for us. The invite us to find that special magic that can only be found in working together and really pushing forward as a team. So listen carefully, smile and know that you are not alone for they are with you, I am with you and I am sure you have more special people in your corner. Enjoy!

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