‘I will not find myself tonight

You can’t see my heart’s made of concrete

You know me, i’m sad happy’

“Sad Happy” by Circa Waves

UK based indie rock band Circa Waves are back with more amazing music for our senses to enjoy, say hello to “Sad Happy” from their upcoming new album. With this refreshing and playful blend of melodies and lyrics they craft a soundscape bound to one of the favorite things heard and seen this 2020. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about this track that just captures your imagination and gives your senses something to excited about. The track flows with ease giving us a fine serving of intoxicating and passionate sounds and verses that are sure to find a home within us. The guys just keep on hitting the mark and this latest cinematic adventure is enough to get us plant the seed for the need of their new album (which I’ve already pre-ordered because it just feels like it’s going to be gold). So come on over and get your best clown face and let the story of this must listen gem pull you and turn you into a welcomed new character. Enjoy!

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