“…Poison in that pretty smile
Just one taste will drive you wild
You’re an addict in denial, everybody knows
Heaven turning into hell
She gets you under her spell
Wants to keep her to yourself everywhere she goes…”

“Magnetic” by Seafret

UK based indie pop band Seafret comes to us with the electric and fun blend of melodies and lyrics that is “Magnetic”. With this playful and refreshingly catchy musical experience they pull us into a world that is just so easy to connect with. The song flows with ease and in such a manner that you are sure to smile and simply want to press play over and over again. Not only is the sonic experience truly gratifying but the visuals really embrace the magic and beauty of the melodies and lyrics in a way that you are sure to be intoxicated by the sweet taste of this musical ambrosia that they guys have delivered. Enjoy!

“We wanted to have something that people could jump about to on this album and let loose. ’Magnetic’ is that track! It was so much fun writing and recording this song – it had us all up showing our best moves. It’s quite different from the previous stuff but we’re not afraid to try new styles and if it makes you feel good then why not! It was inspired by that draw you feel towards someone when you fall for them. That feeling like there’s no escape. It’s both thrilling and terrifying simultaneously but you know there’s no way you could walk away. We’re really proud of this one and hope you enjoy it. Go listen and have a dance!” – Jack & Harry AKA Seafret

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