“Dropped down the lights, I’m sitting with you

Moscow 1972

Always singing in my sleep

I will leave it in my dreams…”

“Bad Decisions” by The Strokes

One of the most amazing rock bands of the world are back and they mean business, say hello to The Strokes and their latest gem, “Bad Decisions”. Led by the enigmatic and always hypnotizing Julian Casablancas, the guys come to us and instantly connect with our senses. They serve us a fine-tuned blend of melodies and lyrics that feel like musical ambrosia for our senses as it connects with us in an instant. The soundscape is so theirs that you just know that you are listening a musical creation that comes from their minds. The song is stunning and the visuals add to the experience making it a must for any music lover. It does not matter if you were a fan before or not, the track just gives us that much needed dose of rock that your body was craving. They are back and that’s all you need because with them, it’s a sure thing that the music is going to memorable and just amazing. Enjoy!

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