“Marjorie” by Nuria Graham

Half Catalan/Half Irish indie singer/songwriter Nuria Graham comes to us with the inspiring and mesmerizing melodic gem that is “Marjorie”. Finding inspiration in her grandmother she paints us a picture that is so charm, so raw, so soothing and yet so beautifully human. The soundscape flows with ease and with a certain warmth among each verse that just captures your senses and plays with your imagination. The track is a sonic experience bound for the books as it showcases her voice and lyricism so perfectly that there’s no denying my heart and my soul that it has fall for something so special and so unique. The visuals grasp the subtle yet magical feel of the melodies and lyrics making sure we get the chance to explore a world that while personal has all the right ingredients to be universal. Enjoy!

“Marjorie is the most personal song of the record: it’s a story about my grandmother and also about me. We’re both looking through a window and feeling the same feelings. We never met, but in this song I feel very close to her. I had this image in my head of her, waiting for my grandad to come back from the pub, smoking cigarettes, and I saw myself reflected in this situation, and then the melody and lyrics “We seem to be making the same mistakes” came to my head.” – Nuria Graham

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