“Badlands” by Very Very

Toronto based indie singer/songwriter Very Very comes to us with the cinematic and sonically mesmerizing gem that is “Badlands”. With this powerful yet subtle showcase of passion and empowerment she goes through the ups and downs of a relationship loosing herself to find a stronger new version of herself. The soundscape flows from note to note, from verse to verse and from emotion to emotion crafting something so uniquely powerful yet so human that we can instantly connect with. The track is without a doubt one of the most emotion-filled tracks I’ve heard in a while and deserves to be shared and heard by all. There’s something here that makes this gem a one of a kind creation that sounds more like the track of a veteran musician than a debut single. So listen closely and open your eyes for there’s something her just for you, for me and for all as we all explore each and every space within this soundscape. Enjoy!

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