“Self Aware Bitch” by Anna Sofia

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Anna Sofia comes to Wolf in a Suit with the honest and insightful musical gem that is “Self Aware Bitch”. With this youthful and captivating soundscape she explores the ups and downs of her youth and her high school experience in a way that is both mature and still in touch with her young age (She is currently 16 years old). There’s something about it that is so fun and so human that we can instantly connect with it no matter the age or the gender. The soundscape is one that is sure to be added into many playlists as it has the charm and magic to deliver an intoxicating and memorable musical experience. Enjoy!

“Self Aware Bitch is a representation of my high school experience. My whole life in high school revolves around homework, parties, drama, experimenting, and finding yourself – that’s what I love to write about. I had a lot of fun making this EP. I love it when I finally get a good melody down on something I really vibe with, and then figuring out how that makes me feel and how I want to say it. When listening to it I hope people can find a way to relate to it either by thinking back to their own high school days, using it to prepare for high school, or relating it back to their current high school experience. At the end of the day, everyone’s experience is unique but the message I’d like people to take away is to always stay true to yourself. Be unapologetically you, and don’t let anyone change you. Cut those people off!!!!” – Anna Sofia in regards of her Self Aware Bitch EP

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