“Psychic Vampires” by Skuff Micksun & TyC

Talented artists Skuff Micksun and TyC join forces to deliver the intoxicating and captivating sonic and visual experience that is “Psychic Vampires”. With this amazing collaboration they paint a picture that speaks to us as it draws inspiration from the toxicity that at times can be found in a relationship. Through a haunting and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics they pull us in and give our senses something exciting to connect with. The track flows with ease through the airwaves as it understands the sad reality that at times is found when we confused something dark and twisted for the love we were searching for. They know that sometimes the so call “love” you feel comes with a lot of pain and a strange yet very real difficult grasp that is hard to get away from. So listen closely and open up your eyes for there’s something in this soundscape that is sure to bring back memories of moments lived or seen before (or maybe currently). Enjoy!

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