“Rabbit Hole” by Jaguar Jonze

Uber talented and mesmerizing indie singer/songwriter Deena Lynch AKA Jaguar Jonze comes to Wolf in a Suit with the captivating gem that is “Rabbit Hole”. With this refreshing and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics she gives shape and form to a soundscape that is sure to feed our senses. The track flows with ease through the airwaves and speaks to us in a way that just stays in our heads and whispers to be played over and over again. The visuals are surreal yet so hypnotizing and out of this world that it strangely finds a way to become one with the sonic experience. So listen carefully and keep your eyes wide open for there’s something so fun and so raw within this soundscape. Dive into it and enjoy!

“…I will question
I will doubt your answers
Make my head stop and believe
I will trick you
Ask you to please stand down
Create the instability…”

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