“Heart Dreams” by Cousin

From Denmark comes the indie pop band Cousin with their haunting and honest musical creation that is “Heart Dreams”. With this introspective and mature exploration of how humanity as whole seems to see and be with other creatures and things they pull us instantly. The track is beautifully powerful and intoxicating as it paints a picture that while dramatic and fatalistic holds a perfect dose of magic and raw reality. It’s a blend of melodies and verses that hits like a bag of bricks as it wakes us to the bittersweet state of the world. While critical it also understands that within humanity you can find some truly amazing specimens that care for the world and push for something better. It’s a give and take between the good parts and the bad parts that reflects on us as a whole. Enjoy!

“Heart Dreams” is a critical glance inward. It is a look at humankind as the equally fantastic and horrible animal, we are. It is an attempt to make us face our true colors. It is an attempt to make us understand humankind the inconceivable privileged position in the world”. – Mikkel Werling of Cousin

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