“Need a witness” by M.I.L.K

From Denmark comes the uber-talented Emil Wilk AKA M.I.L.K with his captivating must listen gem “Need a witness“. With this welcoming and inviting soundscape he speaks of all the beauty and magic that one can find in life and that little voice that tells you to share it with someone special. It paints a picture that is so vivid and so hypnotizing that you can’t help but want more and more of it as it takes shape and form. The track blends melodies and lyrics to give our imagination something to be excited for while not pushing for perfection but for the raw beauty that comes from brighter sides of life. So listen carefully and dive into this world he has crafted with warmth and passion. Enjoy!

“It’s my favorite song I ever did. The vibe is inspired by good old badass country smashes and the lyrics are about the brighter sides of life and wanting someone to share it” – Emil Wilk AKA M.I.L.K

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